About us

Historical Background:

Nepal Stutters Association (NSA) is a non profitable and non governmental social organization established for the promotion of the rights of persons with stuttering. Legally this organization was registered in 2003. NSA has been registered in the district administration office Kathmandu under the institution enrollment act 1982 and affiliated with the social welfare council as well. Since NSA is an organization run by the stuttering people themselves it is an active member of national umbrella organization of disabled people – NFDN.

NSA was initiated by seven energetic and enthusiastic youth with stuttering problem. Then, the youth had been supported and motivated to be active and organized for the rights of stuttering people by some representatives from FSD (Stuttering Association of Denmark) and DPOD (Disabled People Organization Denmark). Formally NSA was initiated in 2003 by formulating nine members’ ad-hoc committee in the in the chair of Mr. Indralal Shrestha during a workshop organized in Kathmandu and it was registered in the district administration office of Kathmandu in the same year.  The first general assembly of NSA was held in 22 October 2003 in Kathmandu and it elected the eleven members’ central committee in the leadership of Mr. Indra lal Shrestha. The central committee working at present is fourth elected committee of NSA.


Nepal Stutters Association envisages a society where persons with stuttering will be able to live a productive life in an equal basis without discrimination and with full realization of human rights.


a) Establish NSA as an effective and able leading organization of the country for promoting and protecting the rights of persons with stuttering.
b) Eliminate discrimination against people with stuttering in the society.
c) Make the state accountable for providing countrywide stuttering treatment services and fulfilling the other needs as well.

Values and Guiding Principles:

a) Best Interest of persons with stuttering
b) Inclusion: Inclusion of persons with stuttering in society.
c) Non discrimination: Elimination of discrimination done on the basis of stuttering speech.
d) Gender Sensitivity: Equal possibilities for male and female.
e) Cooperation: Cooperation with Nepal government, INGOs and NGOs working on disability sector, INGOs working for people with stuttering and civil society.
f) Advocacy for own rights: To be organized and active for own rights.

Long term goals:

NSA will be active to achieve the following long term goals
a) Expansion of district branches in all districts and their capacity building
b) Surety of organizational sustainability of NSA (in the view point of financial, human, physical, technical and management capacities)
c) Availability of services and facilities to persons with stuttering in local level.
d) Management of information and data of all persons with stuttering in Nepal.
e) Development of positive attitudes in society towards persons with stuttering.
f) Addressing the issues of persons with stuttering in the government’s policies and programs.

Long term development objective:

The long term development objective of NSA is to contribute in the promotion and protection of the rights of persons with disabilities by ensuring productive and dignified life of persons with stuttering without any discrimination.


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